Blastr's pumpkins, Klum's costume, Rowling's hate & more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

Remember, remember the fifth of November! (That's today, natch.) As we're remembering the fifth of November, let's also remember the Hottest Stories and Best Comments of the week. We have neither gunpowder treason nor plot, but we do have Blastr's winning pumpkins, Klum's bloody costume, Rowling's hating of Ron, Disney's subtextualized princesses, Frakes' unpleasant memories and ... the worst Star Wars fan. Ever.

Our story: The winning entry in Blastr's pumpkin-carving contest + 20 more!

Your best comment: The winner is a great piece of art, no mistake, but I think would be just as impressive as a normal sculpture. I think some of the others are better pumpkin carvings, in that they make better use of the backlighting. Despite being a bit crude in terms of artistry, the Thing pumpkin is pretty cool... — Vox Arcana

Our story: Heidi Klum does Clive Barker's Hellraiser in 8 disgusting pics

Your best comment: She's clearly going as the sigil of House Bolton. — telo

Our story: 10 unsettling pics of Yoda on his day off from being a Jedi

Your best comment: First there was 'planking', then 'owling', now we have 'Yodaing'? — DaveT

Our story: Weasley-hating Rowling wanted to murder Ron!

Your best comment: From a distance Hermione witness' Ron get struck down by a death curse. She screams and tries to make her way to his side. The Death Eater apporates into a shadowy cloud and the details of Ron's killer are lost to the wind.

Harry: but Hermione, it could've been any of them!

Hermione: then I'll just have to kill all of them.

Freaking epic! — Shane

Our story: Image of the Day: The not-so-secret subtext of Disney princesses

Your best comment: This image has been going around for a LONG time, and is both wrong and put together by someone who just sees what they want to see. If your REALLY look at these characters you have some strong women here.
Jasmine: Defies her father's arranged marriage, tells Ali to go take a hike when she finds him to arrogant regardless of his position which he thinks is what she wants, gets even MORE furious when she finds out he lied to her to get her affection, and fights the Prime Minister and HIS intentions.
Belle: Rebuffs the town hunk that thinks all the women would be lucky to have him, is very smart and avid reader, goes off into the wild to rescue her father, offers herself in exchange for his life, refuses to put up with the Beast's behavior when it is not up to her standard, and so on.
Ariel: Not as strong, but DOES refuse to accept her father's blanket prejudices against other races. Has a mind of her own.
Mulan (not shown): Goes to war to protect her father's life and help save her people.
Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella: Why blame Disney. They just retold the fairy tales, and pretty closely in these cases.
— Ronald

Our story: Jonathan Frakes calls Enterprise finale 'an unpleasant memory'

Your best comment: Never mind the stupid stunt casting and the complete loss of focus; it was cowardly writing, and it would have been cowardly writing even if had been a TV movie about people and a universe we'd never seen before. The whole episode was supposed to be about a historic speech, a historic speech that we never heard a word of, because the writers knew they were incapable of producing one. Maybe they should have hired Joe Straczynski to write it for them. — John

Our story: Matt Smith says he's not done traveling as the 11th Doctor yet

Your best comment: Nick Saban said the same thing about LSU right before leaving to coach the Miami Dolphins! Don't believe this bull! Nick Saban is LSU's "Master" now! — Elly Shue

Our story: BSG and WWE heavy hitters to go against Riddick!

Your best comment: I actually liked both Pitch Black AND Chronicles for different reasons... and while Pitch Black was certainly a better movie, Chronicles was a ridiculously creative plot, and I enjoyed the movie for that reason in addition to all the great actors chewing on the scenery. It seemed to me that Chronicles suffered from studio meddling... trying to dumb it down to PG13 to tap a wider audience, and thus a significantly less edgy movie than it could have otherwise been. I say err on the side of Chronicles, but don't be afraid of the R-rating! — Karellen

Our story: Star Wars fan convicted of killing wife after she smashed his toys

Your best comment: Best torture for this guy would be putting him in prison with a television, that he cannot reach, showing a video of his memorabilia being given to a kindergarten school. — Ardent

Our story: Look who'll be playing Eric Northman's vampire sister on True Blood

Your best comment: Wow! Can't wait! But is she going to have a thing for our favorite waitress as well. Ever since the last episode I keep wondering if Sookie is a lot more then just part fairy. All the nonhumans seem turned on by this waitress. Can't wait to see how this will play out! — JHarnes

Our story: Did NFL cameras capture a UFO during a football game in St. Louis?

Your best comment: It was Elvis with a hang-glider and a flashlight...... — Jellyyman

Our story: The Doctor! The Master! And James Bond (?!) sing The Proclaimers!

Your best comment: That was so full of awesome I want to cry. — Cris