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Dec 15, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments frames posters (craptacular, Hammer and faux Fables), knocks out Hitler, downs some Forceful lattes and ogles superheroine models. Also, Garrett Wang admits his hate for Shatner. "Kirk vs. Kim?!" FIGHT!

Our story: 11 Victoria's Secret models hit the catwalk as superheroines

Your best comment: Their superpower is that they can lead a productive life without ever consuming any food. — MetalPause

Our story: 10 awesome pics by fans who accidentally crashed Jedi set in '82

Your best comment: Its not really that hard to get on close to sets these days, especially if you live in Vancouver. The new Superman flick was filming 5 blocks from my house and at my work last month; got to see a cool jack knifed logging truck with logs rammed through its engine block and a massive green screen with a helicopter landing pad in front of it and coast guard helicopter landing on it. Very cool. — jerfob

Our story: Hit the street for 12 stunning examples of Star Wars graffiti art

Your best comment: my question is: hasn't someone built and marketed an R2-D2 grill like in image 10? i'd buy it. — lordanubis82

Our story: 13 craptacular movie posters for outrageous low-budget gems

Your best comment: Thought some or all were jokes. Not so. All are actually movies. In the case of Poolboy, it was made in 1990 and has been buried for 20 years. Apparently, it was considered too terrible for release in 1990, but is just fine today. — Richard

Our story: 21 electrifying moments superheroes kicked the $#@! out of Hitler

Your best comment: Funny how Hitler is the pillar of evil even though there were far worse men within the same time period. Stalin was certainly one of them. But it's all about what the media covers and pushes to the public.

My favorite sci-fi Hitler story was in a Twilight Zone episode from the 90's TV series. It was a time travel deal where the time traveler who went back in time to stop Hitler was actually the cause of his eventually coming to power. — Alexander

Our story: Concentration camp survivor turns superhero, battles Darth Vader

Your best comment: "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb!" — Alustair

Our story: Dark roast Darth Vader and 9 more pics of deliciously geeky lattes

Your best comment: Sonic is the one for me,
coffee always goes down FAST with me.
(Kiki and Totoro are awesome too)
— Husker

Our story: 15 delightfully pulpy Hammer sci-fi and horror movie posters

Your best comment: Great stuff! Dare I admit I was watching SLAVE GIRLS(aka "PREHISTORIC WOMEN") just a few weeks ago? And, btw, much of this art can also be found in THE ART OF HAMMER, a gorgeous coffee-table book published a few years back. — greg

Our story: 9 tantalizing sci-fi movie projects we wish hadn't fallen apart

Your best comment: I personally would have liked to see History of the World: Part II get made... — SciFi Fan

Our story: Awesome alignment chart makes sense of those Futurama characters

Your best comment: Here's a story, about a guy named zoidberg... — Derelith

Our story: 7 fan posters make us wish Hollywood would get a Fables movie made

Your best comment: Those really are absolutely brilliant. Honestly, for Fables, I would not want to see it on a basic cable channel like AMC, and I'm quite happy ABC walked away from it. Considering the complex plot and, at times, mature subject matter this show would be better suited for HBO or Starz. With the success of True Blood and Thrones, and now even Once Upon a Time on basic television, I would not be surprised if one of those premium cable networks picks up the rights. Fantasy and Fairy Tale, I think, is the next big thing. — Joseph

Our story: Star Trek: Voyager star reveals: 'I cannot stand William Shatner'

Your best comment: Let's call a tribble a tribble, The Shat is a glorious bastard. Love or loathe him, he is a force of nature. I applaud Wang for speaking his mind. It takes some pretty big nacelles to stand up in front of the fans and speak your mind. — JinglestheDestroy

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