Halloween T-shirts + NEW pics for Avengers, Superman and more!

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Dec 15, 2012

Big news this week! Bigger comments this week! Herein you'll find Halloween-inspired T-shirts, SFnal vamps, cool Star Wars toy photography, behind-the-scenes pics for Avengers and Man of Steel, lovingly recreated Blade Runner props, some extremely NSFW alien sex toys (you've been warned) and more! Get your clicky on for this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments!

Our story: 19 Halloween inspired T-shirts just as much fun as real costumes

Your best comment: I feel bad for the Friday the 13th one. Jason looks like he got dressed, eager and excited for some Friday the 13th Slaughter only to be crest fallen when he realizes he misread the calendar. Don't worry, Jason. At average there are usually two Friday the 13th a year. — Amanda

Our story: What Leia and 22 other sci-fi characters would look like as vamps

Your best comment: Wolverine was only a vampire until they switched his healing factor back on. He hadn't known that it had been switched off by Doctor Nemesis with nanobots. So, it would be doubtful that X-23 could be converter with her own healing factor. — sjc1963

Our story: Photographer turns Star Wars toys into unbelievably stunning art

Your best comment: Good photography, I especially like the first, with sand running through the fingers of the Storm Trooper. Several give the impression of motion and a iconic captred moment of time. Some are so obviously plastic toys, and that makes them a bit goofy. Proves you can make great pictures of just about anything, with well placed lighting and careful depth of field. — Andrew VH

Our story: 6 hot Avengers photos show these superheroes are serious eye candy

Your best comment: This movie will rock, no doubt. Marvel has a knack for handling their own characters, and since they took over production there hasn't been a bomb in the bunch. The original Hulk was bad, but Marvel wasn't producing then. Same for Daredevil. Spider-Man and the first two X-Men films are the exception, but imagine what could be done by rebooting those franchises under Marvel's auspices. It would be astounding. — Bradyriley

Our story: Henry Cavill's Clark Kent rocks a beard in 12 new Man of Steel pics

Your best comment: Hopefully it's not a guilt-trip odyssey thingy, I hate those, and they're mad overdone with Superman. It's like the writers feel the need to make Superman eternally repentant for what he is. Do you ever see Batman guilt-tripping himself? Of course not, because they figured out the most successful way to write Batman a long time ago. Now someone just needs to find Superman's writing niche and he'll really take off. — Qax

Our story: Fan creates ridiculously authentic Blade Runner costume (22 pics)

Your best comment: Much like the replicant, this was hard to tell it wasn't authentic. I wonder how long it would take to retire THIS line? — PK

Our story: Company creates completely NSFW zombie, cyborg and alien sex toys

Your best comment: OK. First I would like to say that I have absolutely no problem with articles like this. I find the reactions in the comment section rather amusing. You'll always get the uptight a-holes throwing out the "what about the children" line. But could you guys please just get rid of the language filter already? If you guys are going to post stuff like this; There really is no need for the filter. Nobody likes a hypocrite. :) — John

Our story: 1st look at Julia Roberts as Snow White's Evil Queen [4 pics]

Your best comment: Time Bandits are going to kidnap Snow White and take her away into a different timeline lol. — lfhlaw

Our story: Kevin Sorbo reveals he had three strokes during Hercules

Your best comment: I've had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at a few conventions over the years. He's an extremely pleasant and outgoing guy with a great sense of humor. I was considering reading his book but was on the fence. After reading this, I will make a point to stop by and see him at NYCC and not only get the book, but chat with him some more. If you are going, make sure you do the same! — WheresWalt

Our story: Guy studies Klingon for 12 years, finds cure for dyslexia

Your best comment: Unfortunately, the source BBC article didn't address the obvious question: Could Brown's experience translate (excuse the pun) into new therapies for others with dyslexia?

Yet another life improved through Star Trek - Gene Roddenberry's dream lives on! — Bewildered

Our story: 6 villains we think should return to cause trouble in Star Trek 2

Your best comment: Whatever happened to "...explore strange new worlds..."? Why does almost every Trek movie have to do with fighting some personified villain bent on destruction and domination? I would really, REALLY love to see the Enterprise flying through space on their five-year mission at the beginning of the film (something which--unbelievably--has never been done before in a Trek film!) and by chance discovering some new alien race, or entity, or anomaly and then letting the conflict ensue, rather than being parked in space dock and all of the sudden being called to save the world (and maybe if we're extremely lucky then do some exploring on the side). Why can't we have a truly epic EXPLORATION film set in the Star Trek universe? Trek is NOT all space opera!! — Z

Our story: Geeky crafter sews awesome Star Trek plush kids activity book

Your best comment: while this is cool and i want one, she messed up on the pips. she made everyone a commander. — lordanubis82

Our story: 1st look at Russell Crowe suited up as Jor-El in Man of Steel

Your best comment: I LIKE IT - Obviously it will look better on camera with the right lighting and all. But I like that "Man of Steel" is trying to be unique and unlike anything we've seen before. I just wish Warner Bros was smart enough to release promo images of the characters in all their glory, before leaked images like this get out. Our first image of Jor-el is Crowe taking a cigarette break. Thanks Warner Bros marketing, for your incompetence! — UrbanSuperman

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