Road sign hacks, a Buffy reunion, Halloween scares and more!

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Dec 15, 2012

As we get closer to Halloween, the Hottest Stories and Best Comments scares up frightening posts and horrifying (read: great) comments. But not everything here is ghoulish. Click through to see road sign hacks, sexy cosplayers, a giant LEGO inspired by BSG, a Buffy cast mini-reunion, wonderful horror fiction and more! Oh yeah, and Yoda in a wig. (Terrifying it is!)

Our story: 15 totally illegal, totally funny real-life sci-fi road sign hacks

Your best comment: I commend the fellow who did the "Cake is a Lie" sign ... mostly because clearly HE was able to pull himself away from Portal to get to work. He's a better man than I am... — Cris

Our story: 18 LEGO creations so unnerving they could give you nightmares

Your best comment: The plural of LEGO is not LEGOs. The correct term would be LEGO bricks. — David

Our story: Vader, Spock, Spidey and 26 other sci-fi icons as rotting zombies

Your best comment: From this image of Spock, I say that is one Vulcan nightmare after too much "Pon-Farr" — Eric Miner

Our story: 15 freakiest Halloween items you can buy from the craft site Etsy

Your best comment: Sentences I never thought I'd say in my lifetime #8: "Wow, that door is awesome!" — Nexus 6

Our story: 19 hot Halloween costume ideas from sexy cross-dressing cosplayers

Your best comment: Wow Is this a first an article that doesn't have one complaint in it? Did they all run away?

BTW Punish me then Hunt me anyday — dredloke

Our story: Glee Wars and 18 other awesome Star Wars movie poster mashups

Your best comment: Yoda in wig, disturbing it is. mmm hmm. — Julien

Our story: Look--a LEGO Battlestar almost as big as Edward James Olmos

Your best comment: Sometimes something is so cool that all you can say is, "Cool!" This is one of those things. Cool. — John Coombs

Our story: Image of the Day: Grammar troll OWNS World of Warcraft gamer

Your best comment: When I played wow, my cousin followed me. The only real condition we gave him before he could join the guild was that he had to type "Proper" English. In doing so his English surprisingly improved within a matter of weeks. Even now he texts or types in e-mails semi-correctly.

That one did make me laugh though. — Greg

Our story: The Avengers trailer is finally HERE!

Your best comment: I presume it's a bit early to camp out for a good seat now, right? — DaveT

Our story: 1st look at Supernatural's Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion

Your best comment: I want a Charisma Carpenter and I don't care what one costs! (Was that slightly creepy?) — SHADO 1980

Our story: 9 Doctor Who villains so horrifying you'll hide behind the sofa

Your best comment: The scariest villains are the human race. I'm not joking. Episode after episode human have proved they have the capacity for both greatness and a terrible darkness. Yes, some of the most interesting humans have been true villains on the show... /great work, but that angle can be really scary. — JHarnes

Our story: 7 doomed horror flicks you'll (probably) never see before you die

Your best comment: Hollywood, IMO, needs to sit down together and discuss what the word "horror" means. the 80s had true horror movies: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, Halloween etc; these movies scares the **** out of us. Nowadays, horror seems to have been replaced by gore and rather being scared, I feel like vomiting instead — Kraven

Our story: 33 scary stories you can read RIGHT NOW from great horror writers

Your best comment: great list, and I never thought I'd say that about a syfy article. Good job on including the God of Horror himself, but I think Shadow out of time is the best story he did. MR James, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, REH and the rest - nice one! wish syfy would do more articles on books which is where the best sci-fi, horror and fantasy are anyway! — Nyarlathotep

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