Sexy cosplayers, Halloween Trek, horror cakes and sneak peaks!

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Dec 15, 2012

There are myriad descriptors for this week's installment of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. They include "sexy!" (cosplayers), "terrifying!" (Star Trek), "grotesque!" (cakes), "awesomely horrific!" (rockin' album covers), "buff!" (new Superman) and more! Clicky through to see how readers discussed these SF subjects.

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Your best comment: The Mad Eye Moody is great! You go with what you've got. He didn't try to be a bald fat Superman. Good choice! ;) — Ben

Our story: 13 terrifying Star Trek episodes worth beaming down for Halloween

Your best comment: Bit of trivia: Both "Wolf in the Fold" and "Catspaw" (the very overtly Halloween themed episode) were both written by horror author Robert Bloch, who wrote "Psycho" among other things. He also wrote another episode, "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" but that one was cruddy. — familyman99

Our story: 18 beautifully grotesque horror cakes far too disgusting to eat

Your best comment: Dead tauntaun. And I thought it tasted bad on the outside. — Julien

Our story: 35 spooky and sometimes revolting classic horror comics covers

Your best comment: I swear when I first saw the girl on number 26 I thought it was Katy Perry. — Noemad

Our story: 32 awesomely horrific album covers to rock your Halloween world

Your best comment: Kids don't even know album covers anymore. Coming from a generation who grew up with these creepy album covers (primarily used to separate seeds while rolling) an "Album cover" was such an impact. Now kids just call them, "Oooh I like that thumbnail". — ZenEagle

Our story: Boba Fett and 4 other famous sci-fi helmets turned steampunk

Your best comment: I don't understand the steam punk aspect to Optimus and Bumblebees heads all I notice is that they have been painted a brass color.Is that all it takes to be considered "Steam Punk"? — Jonny

Our story: Exclusive 1st look at DC Comics' new Captain Atom and Blue Beetle

Your best comment: Ummm...Blue Beetle was updated a few years ago with a new outfit designed by Cully Hamner. While his story has been rebooted, his outfit hasn't really changed much. He's also been kind of prominent in the DC universe for a while now. — Ian

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Your best comment: Off Topic: I like how the $50000 camera is protected from the rain by a 10 cent trash bag. — C to the J

Our story: Image of the day: Who knows what women really want?

Your best comment: As a woman, I don't really want anybody calling and waking me up at 3 am. Unless it's an emergency, in which case, again, I hope nobody ever has to call me at 3 am.
But if a man called me in my waking hours and said, "hey, I love you, and we have to go save the world. Also, I have cookies and ice cream." -- sounds dreamy to me!
— Katie

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Your best comment: My brain is stuck between "What the (expletive)" and "Awwwwsome!" — Troll Stomper

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Your best comment: Stephen Dorff? Seriously? His belly button looks like you could park a truck in it (photo 4) — Eric

Our story: Exclusive sneak peek at DC's paranoid new flying saucer comic

Your best comment: "But proving that what she's seen is true will be next to impossible in a world where "mainstream media" has a major agenda and every politician wants their fifteen minutes of fame. "

So it's actually set in the real world then. — ecgordon