Re-gendered X-Men, Tolkien's sketches, Trek 2 and Halloween!

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Dec 15, 2012

As you rise from the deadening hours of the work week, quicken your Halloween weekend with the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Herein you'll find re-gendered X-Men, new Tolkien sketches, Henry Cavill's abs and seven scary and terrifying (and funny) holiday-themed features. Also, we bid adieu to the Joker's cackle. Click through ... if you DARE!

Our story: What if beloved X-Men characters flipped genders?

Your best comment: I always find it funny that when the roles are reversed and the male super heroes are barely dressed the guys complain about it and question the characters sexuality. Yet when the women complain that the female characters are barely dressed and it's not really fair, we are told to "shut up and go make me a sandwich". You can't have double standards here boys. If we can't complain neither can you. So why don't you just go back to the basement with your Cheetos and hush up. — Beth

Our story: 6 newly discovered sketches Tolkien himself did for The Hobbit

Your best comment: These remind me of the Father Christmas letters that Tolkien illustrated for his children. If you've never read them, you're missing out. They're a holiday staple at my house. — Tom Black

Our story: 17 candies trick-or-treating sci-fi geeks dream about chomping on

Your best comment: No ET Cola flavour biscuits? GOOD - they were the most disgusting thing ever. Custard Creme style but in different colours and tasted of Cola. They even felt slightly fizzy. I feel sick thinking of them. — Ponkle

Our story: 17 immortals who'll live forever whether they deserve to or not

Your best comment: The notable absentee from this list (to my mind anyway) is Arvin Sloane from ALIAS. Granted....he is buried.......likely never to be found......but he is still immortal and doubtless deserves to die. — ALIASFan

Our story: 6 new Man of Steel set pics show off more of Henry Cavill's abs

Your best comment: Not gonna lie. As soon as I saw the words "Henry Cavill's abs" I was clicking on the link faster than a speeding bullet. — hmmmmmmmm

Our story: 8 new posters for The Hunger Games leave us hungry for more

Your best comment: nice. my wife and i are looking forward to this. it's nice to see quality ya fiction being treated seriously on film. — Ben

Our story: 10 real locations that will help you survive a zombie apocalypse

Your best comment: Good list. Ft. McHenry in Baltimore is not a bad choice either. It's fairly well protected on three sides and close enough to the city for foraging. ... Now they need to post the 10 realistic ways you could get to these location during zombie apocalypse (and still survive). — Drake

Our story: That J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel? It won't be called Star Trek 2

Your best comment: Actually, the production team has all referenced "The Dark Knight" as a shining example of what a sequel should be. And I think that movie is going to influence how they name the next Trek film. Namely, "Batman" was nowhere in that title. So I'm expecting the next film to be called something like "Strange New Worlds" or "To Boldly Go" with no "Star Trek:" in the title. But it'll be a phrase that's already well associated with the franchise. And Trek has plenty of those. — Chris

Our story: 10 vamps to remind you bloodsuckers ain't supposed to be sparkly

Your best comment: My God, how could you not list SEVEREN from Near Dark? Talk about the exact opposite of "sparkly"! Half the vampires on this list couldn't match his bad-as* ruthlessness! Easily one of the greatest genre roles Bill Paxton has ever dished up next to his take on Hudson. Why does Severen never get any love? — Z

Our story: Wanna read the CDC's official zombie preparedness comic?

Your best comment: Stop the oppression of the heart beat challenged!!! — Aberzombie

Our story: 12 unexpectedly hilarious Halloween costumes based on sci-fi vehicles

Your best comment: That Death Star looks like a grey Mr. Mouth. "You may fire (Candy into my hole) when ready." -in my Grand Moff Tarkin voice — Michael

Our story: Send out the clown: Mark Hamill bids farewell to the Joker

Your best comment: I remember being FLOORED when I found out that Mark Hamill was the voice of the Joker on Batman: TAS. He had so fully transformed his voice into someone completely different, and at the same time was bringing forth the mania and psychosis behind the Joker so well. The only other Joker I had known before was Jack Nicholson, who did a fine enough job, but Hamill's interpretation blew Nicholson out of the water. Yep, blew Nicholson out of the water. I repeated it because it's so true. — mredder4

Our story: 11 horror movies so hilarious you'll be laughing while you scream

Your best comment: Notice how the only actor awesome enough to be in three movies mentioned here is Bruce Campbell... Hail to the King, Baby... — Darth Touma