Supe's muscles, new Avengers, Uruk-hai babysitters and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

It's been a comic-tastic week as DC and Marvel (both print and film) land multiple entries in this edition of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Also: Check out the new Batcave, Lucas' continued futzing with Star Wars, SF gangsters, a BSG wedding pic and ... the worst babysitter ever.

Our story: Check out those biceps on Henry Cavill in new Man of Steel pics

Your best comment: I've got a feeling we're going to get a new origin story for the costume as well in this movie. Just a hunch, but I wonder if this isn't a Kryptonian military uniform. It kind of makes sense. If Zod is the reason he comes "out" as Superman, I can see where he might don military garb to fight him. There's definitely something more purposeful about this design and I think in the end it might make more sense as to why he wears this costume. — Mark

Our story: REVEALED: Is this The Dark Knight Rises' new Batcave?

Your best comment: What I always wonder with Lairs of the superhero or super-villain persuasion is how do you keep all those workers quiet and efficiently building these mammoth projects? I mean I'm just renovating my upstairs and keeping all these chuckleheads in line is like herding cats. — Happy Harry

Our story: Did latest casting news accidentally reveal HUGE Avengers spoiler?

Your best comment: I wouldn't put too much stock in it. IMDB once had Olivia Munn listed as a Iron Man villain for her cameo in Iron Man 2. — Ben

Our story: New Avengers image gives us a better look at Mark Ruffalo's Hulk

Your best comment: Hulk better have some great lines in this movie. I've hated that he never talks in the previous couple of Hulk films. This poster looks great! Though of course it needs GIANT MAN and WASP! — David

Our story: 5 things we liked (and 5 we didn't) about DC's rebooted Justice League #1

Your best comment: Since they are re-booting their comics...will they cost 10 cents again? — qbert2001

Our story: Nooooo! Lucas messes with Vader's lines in Return of the Jedi

Your best comment: i'm seriously thinking of going back to be being a trekkie: — Chris

Our story: 14 sci-fi and fantasy gangsters you definitely don't want to cross

Your best comment: I believe Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) from Robocop. Ranks as one of the best (and Worst!) of his kind. — Captain Calvin Grant

Our story: Battlestar fans stage wedding photo to recreate iconic BSG image

Your best comment: Fun stuff but what a horrid color on the wedding party :( — tati

Our story: Better watch quick: Marvel mini-movie bridging Iron Man 2 and Hulk

Your best comment: abomination's still alive?!
hulk's being blamed for what happened in harlem?!
that's so cold.
everybody knows that hulk whupped abomination and saved new york.
— Kori

Our story: Image of the Day: Inappropriate genre babysitting techniques

Your best comment: Meat's back on the menu? — Matthew

Our story: Epic poster reveals Avengers assembling for earthshaking NY battle

Your best comment: Oh, so they were there for the earthquake? — ArtistWriterEditor

Our story: Watch a chilling trailer for Star Trek writer's robopocalypse pic

Your best comment: The only thing chilling about that trailer was its cool reception in the above comments. I concur that the graphics seem sub-standard. Not really seeing anything new or interesting. Robots looks like a BSG wannabe or even a bleached-version of Maximilian from Black Hole (with legs, of course). — Sunscream

Our story: Which of these 5 women will join Tom Cruise's alien invasion epic?

Your best comment: I have a dilemma! I hate Tom Cruise and have sworn never to watch another movie with him, the same thing goes for Will Smith and Adam Sandler. But I love Sci-Fi movies. Should I watch the movie Anyway? — Soren

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