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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings us face to face with our biggest SF loves: Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, X-Men. But it also brings us face to face with ... other things. Like ship porn. A filthy Captain Planet. And a bunch of women in labor. Oh yeah: And labmeat. Click to enjoy!

Our story: 16 stunning Dark Knight Rises set pics spotlight Hathaway and Bale

Your best comment: How is stuff like this any sort of news at all?

My personal favorite are the geek wars that erupt on forums over what a particular screen shot is. People get incredibly heated over something that means less than zero. I guess it just creates a cool story for their grand-kids about how grandpa won the great Bane debate of 2011. — Alexander

Our story: The 10 best outraged fan comments about Lucas changing Star Wars (again)

Your best comment: Buy them?? I'm not even going to illegally download them!! Take that Lucas!! — Vivian

Our story: Celebrate Star Trek's 45th anniversary with our 18 awesomest lists

Your best comment: Isn't Monday recycling days? — Kraven

Our story: Captain Planet loves the environment a bit too much in NSFW video

Your best comment: I dunno...If this were your basic fan-made, effort-for-fun, cast-of-no-name-nobodies, it would be cute....

But I just kinda think that someone like Don Cheadle should be able to find better ways to spend his time.

This is like finding out that Bill Gates spends his spare time collecting bottles to turn in for the deposit.

It`s also somehow unsettling that Don Cheadle`s sense of humor is on the level of energy-beam-shooting genitalia. — EDGE

Our story: The scene from Empire that Lucas never wanted you to see

Your best comment: I remember reading this dialogue in either the novelisation or the Marvel comic book adaptation from the time. You can tell there's mutual attraction and some sexual tension there, but I don't get a "date rape" vibe from it at all. Han Solo is not some stranger that Princess Leia has just met. He's the scoundrel that she has quite obviously been in love with for three years and this scene is two would-be lovers quarreling. Him saying things like "You've been so busy giving orders you haven't learned how to be a woman", "You're as cold as this planet" and "You could use a good kiss" are related to Leia's bossy, aloof, and sometimes acerbic "all business" attitude. Leia is like that though and, as a woman myself, I absolutely do not see a problem with what Han Solo said to her. In fact, if Han Solo told me that I needed a good kiss, I'd have his shirt off within 15 seconds (now that might be "date rape"). — Melora

Our story: If you like spaceship porn, this Star Trek book is for you

Your best comment: OOOhhhh...C`mon baaaby....Wet your deflector dish...spread those nacelles for me...Let me into your shuttle bay....Ahhhhhh....thaaaat`s iiittttt... Warp One...Warp Two...Warp Threeee...hee-hee-hee...Warp FOUR, you dirty lil`....ahhhhh....more POW-er...Warp Fiiiivvve ...Warp SEEEXXXX..... — Jeffrey Pike

Our story: Image of the day: What Picard always orders at Chinese restaurants

Your best comment: Remember, no MSG.....and make it tso! — ShadesofBlack

Our story: What if other planets orbited Earth from the distance of the moon?

Your best comment: Science always ruins everything.... — xcalpro

Our story: 13 ways Stephen King could soon (we hope) scare the $#@! out of us

Your best comment: It will be hard to beat Tim Curry's Pennywise. — robeuax

Our story: Lab-grown meat might be only 6 months away. Yum! (We think.)

Your best comment: Don't believe the Scientist:
Lab grown meat is made of people. IT'S MADE OF PEOPLE!
— Eric

Our story: 10 crazy, sexy, weird FAKE TV shows inside REAL sci-fi TV shows

Your best comment: Did they ever say the name of the TV show in Robocop where the catchphrase was, "I'd buy that for a dollar"? — Mike Combs

Our story: Animated infographic shows how 1st Class ruined the X-Men timeline

Your best comment: I think the bottom line is there are as many continuity flaws from each movie to the next. If you pick one then all the others do not quite mesh up. The big thing is that with this series there was no overall plan, so no one was tasked with keeping things straight.

And one issue is the helmet. In X-men, the professor is amazed to not be able to read/control/find Magneto's mind, while the helmet would technically have been made from the beginning.

Basically the problem usually turns out to be the writer, director, or studio wanting to create all these Easter eggs that only the fans will see on the first or second time through and in the end it just mucks up the future, because we want to add those things later and with real intention. — Nels

Our story: Celebrate Labor Day with 20 sci-fi characters ... in labor

Your best comment: Hello people. Firefly, Heart of Gold.

River standing over pondering who is inside while Simon tries in vain to show confidence to the mother. Classic. — Scott

Our story: Those X-Files 3 rumors? Here's what Gillian Anderson REALLY said

Your best comment: I was mad about X-files 2 for many different reasons. I mean, seriously, you have a character that is psychic and you choose a ex-priest/child molestor instead of bringing back Frank Black? Here's hoping they get it right on the third one! — Mav

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