Stormtrooper vacation, Trek props, UFOs and Floridian vampires!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post has gazillions of words in it! Click through to gander at pictures from stormtrooper vacations, behind the scenes at classic Star Wars, Trek props, a cat TARDIS, UFO sightings, the new Superboy and ... a vampire in Florida. CHOMP.

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Your best comment: Storm troopers are girls?? Actually, you'd just have to change a single gene in the cloning process, although why it would be done I couldn't say...[actually I can think of reasons, but they are creepy ones...] — David

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Your best comment: boogers did exist a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away — Kraven

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Your best comment: Shatner talked at Dragon*Con last weekend about this. He said you just don't know when the show ends how big it can turn out to be years later, so he really didn't get attached to anything from Trek TOS. He also joked about the odds that he'd fit in to any of that old stuff being nonexistant! — Louisiana Ghostbusters

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Your best comment: I have the TARDIS one, and it is really cool. Unfortunately, it is not, as I had hoped, bigger on the inside. — Jinx

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Your best comment: Cameron's Aliens (Alien #2) was the best thing he's ever done. He actually is not that bad, I kind of think he is talented (sometimes). Aliens was a fitting sequel to Alien (Ridley Scott). Just think what a treat it would be if Cameron and Scott co-directed and co-produced an Alien movie!!! That would make my chest burst for joy! (Make me eat corn-bread, too, stale or not!). — Goldilocks

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Your best comment: I wanna be a cat — Carrie

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Your best comment: I can imagine many converstations that went on in Syfy HQ.

"Are we renewing Stargate Universe?"
"What about Caprica?"
"Okay how about another season of Eureka?"
"Are we every going to stop canceling good Syfy shows and stop showing this reality crap?"
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" — Jason

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Your best comment: Awww. I'm disappointed. I read there was a "Flowers for Algernon" movie attached to Will Smith, but it's not on the list. — Michael

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Your best comment: Khan: "This IS Ceti Alpha 5! Ceti Alpha 6 exploded six months after we were left here." So now you're telling me that's a plot hole in one of the GREATEST movies of all time? By Montelban's chest, I won't stand for it, sir. Science be darned! — Armando

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Your best comment: Kudos to Blastr!
This article has exactly the same sort of content that has been complained about on this very site as being pointless, "empty" or "fluff". However, the tone of the piece, the timeliness of the subject matter (the recent passing of Mr. Hickson and the upcoming Kecksburg UFO festival, according to earlier comments) the lack of any hyperbole or misleading statements in the title, and the lack of any glaring spelling, grammar, or factual mistakes in the text has resulted in an enjoyable light piece, and I would be happy to see more of these in the future.
— Snowkestrel

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Your best comment: Look at it this way:

I remember somebody remarking a while back that Peter Cushing made a great Sherlock Holmes but a lousy Doctor (admittedly in two non-canonical films in the 60's) while Tom Baker made a great Doctor but a lousy Sherlock Holmes. So, maybe the two parts are not as compatible as one would originally think. — Walter

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Your best comment: As someone who hasn't spent much time reading any DC comics, but has skimmed through the history of said characters, I like it. I realize that long-time fans may not like it, but I thought it was enjoyable and fun to read. Now I really want to read the rest. Also, since I'm very late in the whole series, I like the prospect of being able to start reading the New 52 stuff without feeling overwhelmed by everything I've missed. — Alex

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Your best comment: Seems like a very confused "vampire" considering she was trying to eat him like a zombie would. — ProperVillain