Bella Thorne, Amityville: The Awakening

The Weinstein Co. possessed to push back Amityville: The Awakening yet again

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Jun 8, 2017, 9:47 AM EDT (Updated)

Remember last week when we came out with our June Movie Preview and got all excited about the Amityville horror house coming back to theaters on June 30? Well, time to stem that excitement yet again, because Amityville: The Awakening has just been pulled from its summer release date.

The Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films made the announcement today, without mentioning a future release date for the film, which has already been pushed back a number of times. So who knows when (or whether) we'll be seeing Bella Thorne, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Morrison and Thomas Mann in all their big-screen glory.

The film, which was also made in partnership with Blumhouse Productions, was initially set to open way back in January of 2015, then pushed back to April 2017, and again to June. Alas, it looks like June will come and go without another Amityville haunting.

Check out the trailer below, from the good old days of August 2014, and let us know if you're still excited to someday see this one.