Weird aliens + Nova Corps revealed in 1st Guardians set pics

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Aug 12, 2013

Marvel's sci-fi epic Guardians has started filming, and as you might expect, it's aliens galore!

We're still riding a Guardians of the Galaxy high since some teaser footage debuted at San Diego Comic-Con. Maybe it's silly, but Karen Gillan taking her hair off in Hall H was pretty memorable and, seeing the cast assembled, we couldn't help but start to think that this was the little engine that could.

So we're glad that set pics have already started to make their way out into the world. These first ones are set in London, with what appear to be a whole gaggle of aliens (along with the Nova Corps) running across the Millennium Bridge. Good choice. I've always thought that bridge was especially striking.

We have a long wait until the film's Aug. 1, 2014, release date, but it's nice to get a little peek almost a year in advance.

Take a look. Enjoy the extraterrestrial view, and ask yourself — just who or what are they running from?

(via Latino Review)

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