Welcome to the new Blastr

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Jul 9, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

By now, you've probably noticed that we've made some changes to We're stronger, our eyesight is better, and we've gained the ability to scale walls. Oh, and we've also given the look and feel of the site a pretty significant overhaul, and while I know change can be scary, we're pretty psyched to deliver this new experience to you guys. 

Blastr, like all living things, has been evolving over the past couple of years, continuing to deliver daily news while working toward more original content, features, interviews, opinion pieces, and long-form retrospectives...and it's time for the look and feel of the site to catch up to that. I'm not saying this site is now the ultimate power in the universe...but I will say that any Mon Calamari cruisers nearby might want to steer clear.

That said, you're probably wondering what's up with all of this. We're here to help. Here's a quick guide to what's new and improved:

  • The home page has changed from its previous form as a chronological feed of stories to include more featured content, meaning it'll be easier to highlight our exclusives, the biggest news of the day, and longer-form content. But if you're just into the newest stuff, don't worry, because...
  • The latest news now lives as a list of headlines running down the right side of the page. You'll be able to see this list, and navigate through it, from anywhere on the site, giving you persistent access to what's new on Blastr.
  • Our responsive design is slightly different. On narrower screens, you'll see the top stories at the top of the page, with the Latest news directly under it.
  • We've added navigation! The header at the top of the page will now allow you to quickly and easily find features, the latest trending topics, or our most recent interviews. We'll also be highlighting things that are buzzing at any particular point in time – so, the week that The Force Awakens arrives, you'll find it front and center in our nav so that you can brush up on the newest developments.
  • New and improved search! It actually works, now! Really, we promise. But more than being purely functional, it's also more powerful, providing results based on keywords and category tags and making it easier and faster to find what you want in our archives. 

If you are a user of Blastr's mobile app, you'll notice that it has not changed, at this point. An updated (and more feature-rich!) version of the app for iOS and Android should be arriving in the next month, so we ask for your patience on that. We promise it will be well worth the wait.

As with any complex machine, the process of updating Blastr is a fraught one, so we appreciate your patience as we iron out any kinks. If you have any thoughts to share about the new Blastr, or what you'd like to see from the site in the future, we welcome your feedback – please feel free to send it to Speaking personally, I can't thank you all enough for visiting our site and digging on the stuff we do – it's kind of the whole reason we're here. I hope you'll enjoy the new Blastr, and join us on this journey into the future.