We'll all be driving this high-tech, Rolls-Royce concept car 50 years from now

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Jun 16, 2016, 4:10 PM EDT

The engineers at Rolls-Royce were tasked with designing a car that we (or, you know, really rich people) might actually drive in the next few decades, and they came up with the 103EX. Then they went ahead and built a concept car to demo.

The concept was shown off at the Vision Next 100 event in London, and the car seems like something that would fit right in on the streets of Minority Report. Just, you know, even fancier. Oh, and real. To figure out how really rich people will get around in the next century, Rolls-Royce dropped the pesky distractions like a steering wheel and instrument panel (for real), and instead built what basically equates to an awesome living room on wheels. Thought being: By then, cars will be able to drive themselves. Or at least drive around people rich enough to buy this car.

The car is just under 20 feet long and stands 5 feet tall, and features an epic couch as the centerpiece of the interior (it’s just a two-seater model). It’s also decked out with Macassar wood and silk upholstery, because Rolls-Royce. From the inside, occupants are treated to a full cabin-width transparent OLED display, which looks as cool as it sounds. To get inside the car, the door and roof open up for optimal convenience. 

Check out a video demo of the concept below, along with several more pics: