Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Wendell Pierce and John Krasinski
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Wendell Pierce reveals what makes John Krasinski the ultimate Jack Ryan

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Aug 31, 2018

If you want a reboot for your reboot, look no further than Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. The U.S. marine-turned-CIA analyst who's topped the New York Times bestseller list time and time again has also had his fair share of on-screen time over the years. In 2018, the latest Jack Ryan adventure comes in the form of a new Amazon series, the appropriately titled Jack Clancy's Jack Ryan.

This new Jack Ryan iteration is portrayed by John Krasinski, best known for his time on The Office as the hapless but ultimately well-meaning Jim Halpert. Krasinski garnered some serious movie cred earlier this year with A Quiet Place, which he wrote, directed, and starred in. While the A Quiet Place sequel is in the works after a stellar critical and public reception, Jack Ryan Season 2 was greenlit before the series' first season premiered on August 31. So, it seems that Jack Ryan will be sticking around for a while. While there are many an argument to be made for why Amazon approved Season 2 so quickly, there's a good chance it has something to do with its star.

Krasinski's co-star Wendell Pierce, who portrays CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence James Greer, spoke with SYFY WIRE ahead of the series' premiere to get to the bottom of what makes this iteration of James Greer so different from previous versions. During our chat, we got to talking about Krasinski and what, exactly, is so special about his version of Jack Ryan.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, John Krasinski

Credit: Amazon Studios

Because Krasinski stands in a fantastically stacked lineup of actors who have previously portrayed Jack Ryan, a lineup that includes Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger), Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October), Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears), and Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit).

When asked which of these actors, including Krasinski, was the ultimate Jack Ryan, Pierce laughed and said, "John Krasinski! John Krasinski, of course! That's an easy one."

While Jack Ryan is certainly no Jim Halpert, Krasinski's unassuming nature and boy-next-door manner only seems to help in selling this version of Clancy's espionage expert.

"John Krasinski is your guy next door who can be unassuming and has a great well of talent and that's exactly who Jack Ryan is," Pierce says. "John Krasinski's [record] this past year has proven that; his life reflects that of Jack Ryan. That's just where he comes from."

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