Wendy's names Blade Runner and Logan as some of its favorite movies of 2017

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Dec 7, 2017

Wendy's is famous for its fresh, never frozen burgers, ice cold Frostys and ... movie reviews? Yes, the fast food chain offered up a list of its favorite films of 2017 on Twitter in response to IndieWire's deputy editor and chief critic Eric Kohn. Get Out, Logan, and Blade Runner 2049 all made the cut, and the exchange soon got A24 and Rotten Tomatoes involved.

Wendy's also said that it liked Wonder Woman and was excited to see The Shape of Water and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. "Is anyone ever not excited for new Star Wars?" they tweeted. Wendy's has pretty good taste, as the majority of its picks have been cleaning up at early award ceremonies lately

As the ball began to roll, Wendy's tried and failed to turn their overall focus from fast food to movie reviews. The management was pretty adamant that they remain a restaurant, though. 

The restaurant's official account also weighed in on a Twin Peaks debate, initiated by Washington Post film critic Alan Zilberman. Now if only David Lynch had responded ...

These tweets aren't altogether surprising, as the Wendy's social media account is notorious in Internet circles for being witty, sassy, and an engaging conversationalist. One thing is for sure: Whoever runs the Wendy's Twitter deserves a promotion, a raise, and a membership to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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