We're jealous: DC renames character after real-life cosplayer

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Dec 31, 2013, 10:53 AM EST

Yeah, there’s no contest. This is it: Greatest. Christmas gift. Ever.

It seems DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio is a pretty awesome guy, and just recently gave a prolific cosplayer one of the coolest honors a comic-book fan could ever want. In case you haven’t heard of him, Eric “The Smoke” Moran is a fairly well-known individual in that subset of fandom. DiDio is apparently aware of Moran, as well, because he just changed the name of minor DC hero Freight Train’s alter ego to Eric Moran.

If you’re unfamiliar, Freight Train first appeared in DC’s Outsider series, and more recently popped up in Batman Inc. The character’s origin was as a bodyguard, but he gained superpowers after being bitten by an alien parasite. The character’s non-costumed name had previously been established as “Cecil,” though DiDio revealed in a recent Facebook post that he decided to change the name to honor Moran during a recent character cataloging.


So, instead of “Cecil,” Freight Train’s name is now officially Eric Moran.

Admittedly, we can see the resemblance, as they’re both fairly big and burly dudes (though we doubt the real Moran has alien powers -- but that's unconfirmed). Regardless, yeah, we’re still jealous.

If you could have a comic-book character renamed after you, who would you pick?


(Via Bleeding Cool)