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We're still not sure if this was an Easter egg or goof in Westworld's 'Kiksuya'

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Jun 14, 2018, 10:57 AM EDT (Updated)

There were plenty of fascinating and educational things going on in Westworld’s Ghost Nation-focused episode "Kiksuya", but for some very meticulous fans, there were also a few puzzling ones. That’s not to say the episode shoved theories into flux or left some threads hanging - if anything, it wrapped up more than most of the show’s entries. However, it did leave a small sequence where fans questioned whether it was a goof or a small prize for the detail-oriented.

Wizard of frame-pausing, reddit user flickersense spotted what appears to be a cameraman following Maeve (Thandie Newton) around Sweetwater when the episode’s protagonist, Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon), ventures through the town. Look in the left corner of the image below:

Westworld cameraman

Source: Reddit

That certainly looks like Maeve in all her brothel madam get-up from Season 1, ready to win the hearts of Westworld customers everywhere. Need a closer look?

Here it is in action, with a GIF made by user matt01ss:

So there’s definitely a cameraman there. But why is she even being filmed in the first place?

Here’s where the speculation starts. It could be that these are in-universe cameramen shooting Maeve for the park’s promo video. That seems unlikely, even if the Westworld creatives were that devilishly meticulous.

What makes more sense is that this was either done because the team was shooting two scenes simultaneously and this was missed during editing OR that this showed Akecheta walking through a Sweetwater that wasn’t really there. This could be a green screen with the plate shot (the footage placed over the green screen) being taken from the previous season...where the crew accidentally got into the shot.

Whether easter egg or goof, it has to be a little unnerving for the production crew knowing how closely fans are watching this show.