Wes Craven's working 24/7 to finish 25/8

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Wes Craven, who wrote and directed the upcoming supernatural horror movie 25/8, told SCI FI WIRE that the film is shaping up in the editing suite. 25/8 is the first script that Craven has written since 1994's New Nightmare; it centers on a group of teens stalked by a killer who died on the day each of them was born.

"Marco Beltrami just came on [and] is going to be doing the music," Craven said in an exclusive interview on Monday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting the remake of The Last House on the Left. "Patrick Lussier, my old editor, came in and did three weeks of kind of exploration. It's been a really fun process. There's always the compensation for ideas that didn't work or performances that maybe weren't as strong as you thought they would be or structure that can be discovered that's better than what you originally thought. Choices in music and sound effects and all those things are really a very important part of making a film. So I'm deeply immersed in that right now. It's always fascinating, but it's very exciting."

Craven cast relatively unknown young actors from films such as The Great Debaters (Denzel Whitaker) and The Astronaut Farmer (Max Thieriot). The director marveled at what he considers their breakthrough performances in 25/8.

"The performances are great," Craven said. "The kids are wonderful. There are seven kids—actually eight, because there is an older sister who's 19. The other kids are all 16. The kids are virtually undiscovered and all terrific. The film's really coming together in nice ways. I'm very excited about it."

It was also a family affair, with Iya Labunka, Craven's wife, producing for him. "My wife produced, so that was a lot of fun to do something with my wife, who had worked at Disney many years—no longer is there—but she worked in the Corman school for quite a while when she was first getting into film," Craven said.

25/8 is aiming for a fall release, but there is no firm date yet. "It's in the fall," Craven said. "October we've been talking about, but not a particular day. I think it's a little too far forward for the company that's just kind of changed hands. Rogue is gone, and Relativity is the producing studio body. I mean, they love the film, and they love Last House, so the relationships are great, but they're still kind of figuring out the schedule."