Wesley Snipes wants to reprise his role as Blade for Marvel

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May 25, 2016, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Last week, an awesome rumor that Marvel was looking to adapt some of its more, shall we say, supernatural comic book properties for Netflix made the rounds. The potential series included Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Blade, but since then, everything’s been quiet on the Marvel front. 

In the meanwhile, looks like these rumors have made their way to the man who’s portrayed the badass vampire hunter in a trilogy of films beginning with Blade in 1998, Blade II four years later, and ending with Blade: Trinity in 2004 -- actor Wesley Snipes.

Over the past few years, Snipes has been pretty vocal about wanting to put that leather duster back on again in order to reprise the role of the Daywalker. Last summer, the actor revealed he had met with Marvel about the character, and with this new Blade series now being rumored … well, Snipes wants in (however, I've a feeling he may be talking about a movie), but as he says, the ball is now in Marvel’s Court.

Taking to Twitter, Snipes announced he was more than ready and willing to reprise the role that made him a household name for comic book fans and geeks everywhere.


There you have it. If Marvel and Netflix really go ahead with a Blade series, Wesley Snipes returning to the role wouldn’t be the worst idea, even though the actor is now 53. Snipes still looks like he could kick some Grade A @$s and handle the action scenes well. However, it’s also possible (and perhaps a tad more likely) that Marvel would want a fresh start and cast a new actor in the role.

Whatever happens, a Blade (and Moon Knight and Ghost Rider) series would fit in quite nicely in the darker Marvel universe portrayed with their Netflix series such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the upcoming Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and that new Punisher series. What do you think?

(via Comic Book Movie)