How J.J. Abrams snuck Wesley Crusher into Star Trek!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Talk about keeping a secret!

Wil Wheaton—that's Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wesley Crusher to you—revealed on his personal blog today that he actually played a part in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie, a big secret that no one managed to dig up until now.

Wheaton did voice-over work at the urging of Greg Grunberg (that's Heroes' Matt Parkman and a longtime buddy of Abrams'). Here's what he did, according to Wheaton's blog:

I ended up providing voices for all the Romulans on Nero's ship, including the guy who tells him that "it's time" at the very beginning of the movie. (Yeah, how cool is that?) ...

After recording his voice part, Wheaton hung out with Abrams while they tweaked the sound on the movie:

So you know that scene where Kirk climbs out of the pod, runs away from the monster, and eventually meets Spock Prime in the cave? I got to watch that scene over and over, as they made the wind sound colder, then warmer, then colder and more fierce. I got to hear the roar of the monsters deepened, softened, made more terrifying, made louder, made softer. I got to hear the fire in Spock Prime's cave crackle more, then less, then more again, because the wind outside was now colder and more fierce, so it should probably be a warmer fire.

It was one of the coolest things in the world to watch, not just on screen, but in the room, too. The way JJ interacted with the other creative people in the room as they mixed the sound, the music, the foley, and everything else that we tend to just take for granted when we're in the theatre watching a movie was just fascinating. I don't know if all directors are like this, but he didn't let a single second go by like it was any less important than another.

Star Trek drops on DVD/Blu-ray on Nov. 17.

In the clip below, listen carefully to the guy who says, "Sir, if you ignite the Red Matter now ... "

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