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Westworld cast reveals they still have no idea what’s going on in Season 2

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Apr 20, 2018, 9:40 AM EDT (Updated)

We’re just days away from the hugely-anticipated second season of Westworld, but if you’d ask the cast and crew for some spoilers, they’d still be hard pressed to give you any.

During a panel discussion at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Thursday, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright revealed they’ve only seen the first five episodes of the new series and were regularly kept in the dark about major plot points for their characters during filming.

Co-creator and executive producer Lisa Joy even suggested that it might be trickier for all you fan theorists out there to predict what’s coming this season too, as she teased: “It will be harder for audiences to know exactly where we’re going, but that’s half the fun.”

Wood – who found out that her character, Dolores, started to merge into the bad guy host Wyatt in the Season 1 finale – agreed that she still doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. “I really didn’t know who my character was in Season 2,” she laughed. “I remember there was this character Wyatt talked about in hushed tones, I was like ‘Yes! I’m finally Wyatt! …Who is that?!’ I felt more confused in Season 2, when I [was] supposed to have more information!”

When it came to filming the second season, the actors were still kept in the dark, rarely knowing from day-to-day what was happening next for them and often getting confused about what episode they were filming on. Wood said: “We’re very much in the moment because if you try to think about it, your brain is going to break,” and added: “I would ask Jeffrey, what episode is this? It’s 7… no, it’s 3… and someone says it’s 1” with Jeffrey Wright adding: “And then really it was 4.”

It would also create frustration for some of them, when they would get the scripts and be unhappy with what was written down for their character. This was the case for Thandie Newton, who said she was incensed to find out that after almost escaping the park, Maeve Millay decided to turn back. “I was [in] complete denial about Maeve going back into the park! I wanted her to get out there so desperately,” she said.

However, in season two, Newton added that with Maeve heading back into the park and a little more enlightened, it did make for one welcome change to the script for her – which is the lack of nude scenes. “I remember reading episode one [of Season 2] and I was like, ‘I’m wearing clothes!’” she laughed.

Westworld returns Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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