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Westworld mobile game lets you build the park of your dreams

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Jun 21, 2018

Ever wanted to control Westworld from your smartphone? Wish granted.

You don’t have to be James Delos to create and run your own theme park, where human guests are indistinguishable from android hosts until guns start firing and you realize who can and cannot be brought back from the dead.

Westworld is now accessible from your phone in a new mobile simulation RPG developed by Behaviour Interactive and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This is a completely different game from Westworld: The Maze, the choose your own android adventure game we learned about yesterday. But it looks just as cool and potentially terrifying.

“We are excited for Westworld players to experience what it’s like to manage a complex theme park powered by human desires and artificial life,” said WB Games San Francisco Vice President and Studio Head Jonathan Knight in the official press release. “The game features a compelling, unfolding narrative and multi-layered gameplay while remaining highly approachable and intuitive to play.”

Everything that exists in the theme park where nothing and everything is real at once also exists in this game. You’ll encounter Bernard, Maeve, Dolores, and more characters from the show in LEGO-esque 3D form as you create your own vision of Westworld.

That means you get to build "that there saloon" and all the other locations in the show, as well as create AI hosts, use them to bring guests’ desires to life, and evolve them as far as the AI technology of Delos Incorporated can possibly go. You can even bring new facilities online to advance the park into an even more immersive experience.

Managing this place is more than playing pretend, at least when you have both human lives at stake and need to keep adjusting the consciousness of robots who think they’re human. There are two levels of gameplay: Above ground is the theme park, where all the action happens. Below ground lies the futuristically creepy Delos facility where you can manufacture, repair, revive, and upgrade Hosts. If you need to reattach body parts that got blown off by too many gunshots, you can do that. If you want a Host to be convinced of a different version of reality, you can do that. It’s kind of a power trip. The trailer above even invites you to "play God."

Westworld is available now on Android/iOS, and yes, there is a self-playing piano.

(via Flickering Myth)

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