Westworld scored HBO's biggest premiere ratings in nearly three years

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Nov 21, 2017, 1:14 PM EST (Updated)

The premiere of HBO’s Westworld arrived this past Sunday with a mountain of buzz, and though it didn’t put up Game of Thrones numbers, it was still a solid performer for the pay cable network.

The pilot episode scored 3.3 million viewers across its first two airings and streaming, industry sources told Entertainment Weekly. The debut marked HBO’s biggest series premiere since True Detective launched to great fanfare in January 2014, and blew last year’s pricy failure Vinyl (764,000 viewers) out of the water. In comparison to HBO’s ratings standard bearer Game of Thrones, Westworld feel short, as Thrones debuted to 4.2 million viewers across multiple airings in 2011.

As the report notes, HBO shows are a bit of a different animal when compared to other network shows. Normally, a show debuts high then drops as viewers decide whether or not to stick with it. But at HBO, shows (or at least the good ones) typically gain viewers over the first season as word of mouth spreads and more viewers check it out across re-runs, DVR and streaming options.

What’d you think of Westworld? Are you glad to hear the ratings are probably good enough to earn a second season (assuming they don’t crash from here)?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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