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Westworld Season 2: A robotic buzzard is a bad omen in new poster

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Mar 22, 2018, 6:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Things are not looking good for the remaining human survivors in HBO's Westworld. Today, the network released a new poster for the show's second season, which depicts a robotic buzzard standing over a smattering of blood and the hat belonging to the Man in Black (aka William, played by Ed Harris).

As buzzards and vultures are signs of death or impending death in the desert (they rely on carrion for food), this poster is not a good omen for anyone who is not a robot at this theme park. Moreover, it specifically does not bode well for Harris's William who visited the park for many years to discover the center of "The Maze" only to learn that it was sentience for androids.

westworld season 2 poster

Courtesy of HBO

The tagline on the poster reads "Chaos takes control." This is a reference to the fact that the machines are rising up, but there's a secondary and less subtle nod in there. Michael Crichton wrote and directed the 1973 film on which the movie is based. Crichton was also the author of Jurassic Park, which was another story about a sci-fi theme park breaking down and turning deadly. Jurassic Park, as you know, featured the iconic character of the Ian Malcolm, a mathematician who specializes in chaos theory.

Played by Jeff Goldblum in the live-action films, Malcolm is dubious of the park from the start and hypothesizes that chaos will eventually reign and set everything awry. His fears turn out to be correct and thus, the new Westworld poster is a subtle homage to both Crichton and Malcolm. 

Season 2 will show the all-out rebellion of said androids and their revolution against their human creators and handlers. Leading the charge is Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton), Teddy Flood (James Marsden), and Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright). In the context of this epic fight, we'll also get to see the samurai-based world teased at the end of last season. 

You can also get a peek at some cool new behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming season in the featurette above, which goes indepth into the Westworld world with set designer Julie Ochipinti (The Prestige).   

Westworld returns to HBO on Sunday, April 22. 

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