Westworld Season 2 casting confirms we'll see Samurai World

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Mar 25, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT (Updated)

When Westworld returns for a hotly anticipated second season in 2018, HBO’s critically acclaimed sci-fi series will introduce viewers to another theme park run by Delos Incorporated: Samurai World.

And how do we know that?

According to TV Guide, Hiroyuki Sanada (Helix, The Last Ship, The Wolverine) has been cast in the role of a character named Musashi (a FUNKO figurine of the character was even revealed during SDCC — see Exhibit A Below), who may turn out to be a legendary 16th century Japanese swordsman and Ronin named Musashi Miyamoto. Sanada, who played a Japanese warrior in 47 Ronin, will appear in multiple episodes.

That and the fact that we also saw samurais during the Season 1 finale as well as the park's logo (SW), is another strong indication (more on that below) that Samurai World will be featured in Season 2.


Now, whether or not we’ll get to see the park in all its feudal Japan glory, or if Sanada’s Musashi will somehow find himself in Westworld, remains to be seen. But the fact that a dead tiger was seen in the recent trailer (at around the 35-second mark) seems to indicate at the very least some sort of cross-over between the two parks. Also, it's too early to tell whether his character will be "woke" like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) or not, or if he'll be a good or bad guy.

Last December, Nolan did tell The Hollywood Reporter that “there are other places here. This park contains multitudes. We hope to explore that in the seasons going forward,” adding that he’d been “practicing with [his] samurai sword” in preparation of the introduction of Samurai World on the show.

Westworld co-creator and showrunner Lisa Joy even said they were looking forward to working with Asian actors: “It's wonderful to work with actors we haven't worked with before. This allows us a lot of access to Asian actors and the Asian community, which is very important to me as part Asian myself.”

With the casting of Hiroyuki Sanada as Musashi, we inch ever closer to a full-blown Samurai World.

(via TV Guide)