Westworld teases Dolores and Maeve reunion - here's why it's a big deal

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Apr 25, 2018, 8:15 PM EDT

SPOILER WARNING: Westworld Season 2 discussed below!

HBO has unveiled some new stills from the second episode of Westworld Season 2, and there's one image in particular that stands out from the android crowd, and possibly gives us a major clue as to what's in store for our park raiders.

Of course, the image we're talking about is the one above, featuring Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) coming face-to-face in the park at night, with Teddy (James Marsden) looking as though he's standing guard. This is a big deal because before this scene, the two characters have barely crossed paths -- only once, in fact, back in Sweetwater before either of them had become truly sentient.

When you think about it, Dolores and Maeve have had an extremely similar journey up until this point. They’ve both been through hell and back as two of the town’s most prominent hosts (though Dolores is the oldest). And they’ve both been haunted by their experiences, grappling with the “memories” of their past.


A lot has been made of the multiple timelines in the series (and certainly last week’s episode "Journey Into Night" was a head-scratcher), so it will be interesting to find out how much Maeve and Dolores know about each other, if anything at all.

The big question will be, now that they’re both arguably as self-aware as the other, will they be joining forces or will they be pitted against each other? Maeve certainly has the edge over Dolores in terms of all the security clearances she’s afforded herself (and the ability to seemingly control some of the other hosts), but then Dolores has that whole thing of also being Wyatt up her sleeve.

One major hint that they might be conspiring together is this second still of Dolores, out of her Western garb and dressed in a stylish outfit, a bit similar to how Maeve now dresses (so perhaps, you know, they’ve at least gone shopping together.) To be honest, we’re not quite sure yet whether they’ll be friends, or if this picture is just moments before a Wild West-style throw-down. Either way, these two are without a doubt the most formidable forces in the second season thus far, and it’s going to be exciting and enlightening to see how it plays out.

The episode, appropriately titlted "Reunion," airs on HBO this Sunday night at 9 p.m.

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