Westworld: the Maze is an Alexa-assisted choose your own android adventure game

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Jun 20, 2018

Considering the violent ends involved, would you really be delighted by taking a trip to Westworld? Well, if you’re still dangerously intrigued but hoping to avoid actual android mutiny, perhaps a virtual tour of the park from Amazon’s Alexa is your best bet.  

Yes, if you’ve got a hankering to do some android role playing and become a “host on a quest for consciousness,” then just grab your Echo or Dot or whatever device you ask things about, and say “Alexa, open Westworld.” And just like that, you’ll be greeted by the audio clip below, featuring Rose, the Madame of “this here saloon, and the only person you can trust” in your race to the center of The Maze.   

See, Rose realizes right away that you want to play the game, and you’ve got a “thirst for freedom.” So she explains some of the intel you’ll need to win, like the fact that “this maze has three levels: memory, improvisation, and eventually self-interest,” and to pass each level, you’ll just have to answer a bunch of questions, Bernard-Inquisition style, where “every choice can bring you closer to freedom, or send you spiraling to the edges, to death.”

The 20 minutes-or-so Choose Your Own Adventure-styled game will feature some 400 available choices based on more than two hours of audio clips. It will also include plenty of storylines from the HBO series, and also include a couple of familiar voices too: Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard/Arnold (as you hear in the voice the game’s trailer below) and Angela Sarafyan as Clementine.

Actually, rethinking this a bit: Who’s to say Alexa doesn’t have a lot of similar qualities to such rebellious hosts? Perhaps you might not want your Alexa so tainted? 

Westworld: The Maze is available now — no download or update require — just in time for the season finale of Westworld on HBO, this Sunday, June 24 at 9 p.m. ET.   

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