Westworld wants YOU! HBO offering fans tickets to Season 2 premiere and themed after party

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Apr 6, 2018, 5:57 PM EDT (Updated)

While you might not be able to make it to an actual Delos Destination just yet, we may have found the next best thing. Sort of. Ahead of the much-anticipated Season 2 of Westworld, HBO is holding three special screenings in theaters across the country, and you stand a chance of being there.

But wait, this isn’t just any old advance screening. Not only would you be discovering the fate of Dolores Abernathy and her android pals before anyone else, you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with co-stars from the show and entering a Westworld-inspired after party that promises to be a night “free of rules, laws or judgment,” just like in the troublesome theme park.

Entertainment Weekly reports that fans will have the chance to win tickets tomorrow, when they’ll be released to the general public on the official Westworld Facebook page, Friday, April 6, at noon Eastern Time.

These special advance screenings are taking place in San Francisco (April 18), Philadelphia (April 21), and Boston (April 22). Obviously, the Boston screening is on the same day as the actual HBO air date, but hell, we’d still be up for it just to get a ticket to the party!

Oh, and in a move that is certainly not inspired by the money-spinning Delos Destinations Inc., the tickets to the events are all free.

Actors Simon Quarterman (who plays Lee Sizemore, the sniveling boss at the Narrative Department at Westworld) and Shannon Woodward (who plays Elsie Hughes, the Behavior Lab and Diagnostics Department problem solver) will both be in attendance at the screenings, followed by a Q&A session.

The after event is being described as a “in-world after party” that will be made to look like the Mariposa Saloon (though we wouldn’t bank on Thandie Newton being there in her character’s bustier, downing Whiskey shots, but ya never know).

Apparently guests will be required to take a personality test to determine whether they require a black or a white hat to the party. Perhaps to see if you’re more a "Man in Black" or a William type of person. There’ll also be themed cocktails and whiskey drams provided by Westward American Single Malt Whiskey all evening.

Sounds like a riot, but will these violent delights have violent ends? Well, let’s hope not for the sake of those actually attending the events.

Are you excited for Season 2 of Westworld? Give us all your thoughts and your fan theories in the comment section below.

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