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Westworld’s Ben Barnes surprisingly saddling up for Season 2

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Nov 3, 2017, 3:47 PM EDT

SPOILER WARNING: Major Westworld Season 1 spoilers below! Like Major.

Westworld fans, commence head scratching, because Ben Barnes aka Logan has just confirmed at least an appearance in 2018’s Season 2.

Last year’s rookie season of HBO’s Michael Crichton-based android-hosted fun-park western gave fans plenty of WTF moments, but one of the biggest was the season finale revelation that … (you read that spoiler alert up there, right?) the action had all been unfolding during multiple timelines, and seemingly good William (Jimmi Simpson) was just the younger version of the most definitely bad Man in Black (Ed Harris). Whoa.

All of which seemed to have wrapped up William’s storyline, albeit with a few loose ends. And since Logan, William’s work buddy and a deviant park veteran, existed in William’s timeline, people presumed his story might be done as well. An idea that was further cemented by Simpson remaining unconfirmed for Season 2, and by co-creator (along with Jonathan Nolan) Lisa Joy’s statements at PaleyFest, which seemed to suggest the show would cease exploring the multiple-timeline device.

Well, perhaps we should all adopt a “let’s wait and see” approach on that front, because Barnes just confirmed to ScreenRant that he’s back for Season 2, at least in some capacity. When asked if he’d heard from HBO regarding Season 2, Barnes said: “I definitely have heard because I can tell you that I have been on set at least once already.”

Adhering to HBO’s strict omerta policy, Barnes didn’t say anything beyond that, so who knows the extent of his set visits, or what he’s been doing there, or if he was there with his buddy Simpson. But it’s at least safe to say that we’ll be getting at least a glimpse of Logan in Season 2. With production on one of the two units currently shut down after an unnamed recurring regular’s offset injury, this is welcome good news. Well, unless you’re a host. 

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