We've seen Godzilla footage and can confirm: There's more than one monster!

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Jul 20, 2013, 4:28 PM EDT

The first monster we saw in the new Comic-Con trailer for next year's Godzilla reboot was not the big green guy.

Instead, it was some kind of giant crab-like creature -- Ebirah, maybe? -- that is laying waste to an airport.

Terminals are smashed and jets explode before Godzilla's massive leg comes into view and literally puts his foot down.

In one quick, final shot, we see the immense bulk of Godzilla rise up behind the creature, easily eclipsing it and bellowing that beloved roar (we don't get to see his face, though -- not yet).

The rest of the trailer focuses on the human element, as we get various glimpses of stars Aaron Taylor Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olson and Ken Watanabe dealing with the implications and aftermath of these giant creatures ravaging the world.

In that sense, this looks a lot different from Pacific Rim, the other giant monster movie from Legendary that just came out earlier this month.

On the panel, director Gareth Edwards (following up his excellent 2010 debut, Monsters), says that keeping the human element was important for the film to work. Bryan Cranston chimes in, saying that Edwards has fashioned the film so that "you invest in these people and you still get Godzilla."

Elizabeth Olson agrees, saying that her first blockbuster production after a slew of indie films was not what she expected it to be: "We were always on set, we never had to wait two hours for a setup, so it felt like a small, independent production."

An independent production -- with giant monsters from the sea ravaging major cities. Edwards says that it was "always our intention that this feel like it was part of the Toho legacy."

Can this new Godzilla -- which just wrapped filming two days ago -- erase bad memories of the 1998 Roland Emmerich misfire once and for all? Find out when Godzilla stomps into theaters next May.