What are the chances of a third Kick-Ass movie? Its creators weigh in.

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Jan 25, 2016, 2:16 PM EST (Updated)

We've had two movies about the kid who learned what it's really like to be a masked vigilante. Is there a third one in the cards?

However you may feel about Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s Kick-Ass series, it does make for a nice contrast to the more fantastical Marvel and DC stories. Kick-Ass brings a more human brutality to the equation, and sometimes we need that to balance things out and remind us that being a masked hero ain't always all it's cracked up to be.

Marvel and DC have got movies going on through 2020, which begs the question -- what about Kick-Ass? Mark Millar was asked whether we'd see more movies in the franchise, and here's what he had to say:

With "Kick-Ass," it was a no brainer. It was made for $28 million and made $100 million back and then made another $140 million on DVD. So for the money guys, it was a $28 million investment that made $240 million. That's a slam dunk. You're getting your sequel. The second one didn't make as much. It cost a little less at around $24 million, made $61 million and made about $100 million again on DVD and TV rights. It was still profitable. It was by no means "The Lone Ranger." But does that mean we'll make another one again? I don't know. It's definitely up in the air, and we'll just have to see. Matthew is a guy who I trust to make that decision. If he decides he does want to do it, I know he'll get it done well. And he's got the movie rights, so it's ultimately his decision. I speak to Matthew every day, and we haven't discussed "Kick-Ass 3" so who knows? The option is always open.

That doesn't sound very promising. Not impossible, but not overwhelmingly likely either.

There's an elephant in the room Millar doesn't address, though -- Jim Carrey. Carrey cast a real pall over Kick-Ass 2's promotions when he pulled out, saying the film was too violent. Certainly it's impossible for a film (and its box-office take) not to be impacted by such a statement.

Kick-Ass artist John Romita Jr. certainly had some words on that topic:

As for Jim Carrey, I know I'll never work with that bonehead again, so let me say this. I think Mark and I have talked about this before, but here's a guy who could have capitalized on the character he played and played it toward his anti-gun stance. The character he played gave up weapons -- gave up guns -- and became a good guy. Anybody with three quarters of an education could have figured out how to fold that idea in with their anti-gun ideas. He's not a smart enough guy to do that. He cashed his check and took his money, and then he went and pulled a bunch of crap on our film. I say "our film," because a lot of people worked on that. He made people suffer that had jobs and needed every dime from this. I'm not talking about Mark and I. I'm talking about people in the offices and people behind the camera that worked their butts off for this. He took money out of their pockets, and he should be ashamed of himself. I've always wanted to say that, and I'll stand on a chair and look him in the eye and tell him that's what I think.

And that, no matter how you parse Carrey's feelings on the topic of gun violence, is a pretty compelling argument from Romita.

But the damage has been done. It would be nice to see Kick-Ass rounded out as a trilogy, but it doesn't sound like we should expect it anytime soon, if at all.

Of course, if you do want another movie, speaking up about it couldn't hurt. What do you think? Should there be a Kick-Ass 3?

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