What day should the live video chat be?

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Feb 25, 2008

I have now done two live video chats, both of which were fun and successful. Well over 100 people participated each time, and I got lots of great questions... some of which made it to YouTube.

So I want to start doing this on a weekly basis. But what day? I need to do it in the afternoon or early evening Mountain time (currently UT - 7 hours), say as early as 17:00 or as late as 19:00, and it will last an hour. Pretty much any day of the week is easy for me, but I have a global audience, so I figure why not ask?

So what day is good for you? To get a sense of this, I have created a poll over at BAUT. To vote, log in and simply pick one or more of the choices. If you are not a BAUT user, registration is fast, easy, and free.

I will take the poll results under advisement, though I may not stick with the results religiously. I just want to get a feel for what everyone wants.


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