What do you see in the optical illusion on the cover of Mark Millar's new comic, Chrononauts?

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Mar 17, 2015, 10:47 AM EDT

Not content to merely create a buzzy new comic, Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy decided to embed an intriguing illusion in the cover of the debut issue of Chrononauts.

Check out the watch face in the cover above and let us know what you see. Have a good look? OK. Apparently, artist Sean Gordon Murphy hid a nifty optical illusion in that watch face that can only be seen by a small minority of people. It’s a complicated explanation (laid out below), but basically most people see a simple watch face and a rare few see an hourglass.

As for the comic itself it’s basically Doctor Who meets an action movie (in a good way), and is already receiving some positive reviews. The comic is set to hit shelves on Wednesday. Check out the explainer below and let us know what you see in the cover.

(Via Sean Gordon Murphy, Mark Millar)