What is Extant? 1st intriguing teaser for Halle Berry's new sci-fi series

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Jan 21, 2014

We finally have a look at the first teaser for Halle Berry’s new sci-fi series Extant, and we have to say, it’s not exactly what we expected.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, the 13-episode project is being billed as an event series focusing on an astronaut (Berry) who returns to Earth, though something she experienced in space “will change the course of human history.”

Aside from that, details are pretty scant about the series — though the first teaser does offer some hints. The footage recaps the definition of Extant (“still in existence,” for those wondering), then quickly flashes through different signs of life. But then, the big tease — the word “Extinct” transforms into “Extant.”

Hmm, so is something threatening the whole of humanity? How will what Berry experienced in space affect that? We don’t know, but the high-concept premise does sound intriguing. Following the success of Under the Dome’s 13-episode run last summer, CBS is aiming for a similar hit with Extant this year.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think this show is really about:

(Via The Verge)

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