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What Falling Skies exec knows (and doesn't) about shocking finale

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Aug 7, 2013, 12:56 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s almost become the status quo for TNT’s post-invasion series Falling Skies to close out with a WTF cliffhanger, and season three didn’t disappoint this weekend. So, what can departing showrunner Remi Aubuchon tell us about that shocking final scene?

Spoilers ahead for the season-three finale of Falling Skies!

After leading viewers to believe Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and baby Lexi were dead a few weeks back, the two came wandering up in the final moments of the season finale — but not exactly as they left. Anne seems a bit off, while the infant Lexi has somehow aged by about six years and is showing some wild alien powers.

Aubuchon and his writing staff spent most of the season setting up that Lexi was special and connected to the aliens, and they dropped a bombshell in the closing shot when she took control of that alien tech and destroyed it. So how much did Aubuchon have figured out, and what will new showrunner David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) have to come up with next season?

Here’s what he told Entertainment Weekly:

“To be honest, that’s [final scene] as far as I got. And so, who knows what they’ve got in mind for the fourth season? We had an inkling that Lexi was a special child. And I think that the big question that is a little subtle but is definitely there is, is that Anne and Lexi? Tom saw them dead. It’s a little coincidental that all of the sudden Anne and Alexis show up in the middle of the woods. I really don’t know what’s going to happen in the fourth season, but certainly our thought was to leave that as an open question. Is that even Anne? Why is she sleeping all the time?”

It’s obvious he doesn’t want to step on Eick’s toes, but Aubuchon has definitely left some juicy storylines dangling. It’ll be interesting to see how Eick moves them forward. With the survivors back on the road, it should be a solid fit for Eick’s experience on BSG. If there’s anything he knows how to do, it’s write a great show about humanity on the run.

Though he didn’t have much to say about the future direction of the show, Aubuchon did note that he’s had extensive meetings with Eick during the transition period, meaning they’ll hopefully avoid the clunky type of handoff that has plagued the series during past season-to-season changes:

“At the beginning we had several conversations. David and I are friends, so we’ve known each other for a long time. I actually recommended him for the job. And we sat and talked about mythology. We talked about where I was going, what I hoped to leave on his plate for him to make some amazing meal out of. But once that initial conversation was done, I kind of left it to David to figure out what to do. And David and Carol Barbee [who will also join Falling Skies in season 4 as a producer] and the rest of the staff there have years of experience, and I feel really confident that they’re going to come up with something really cool for the fourth season.”

Regardless, we have a long time to wait until we find out. The fourth season is set to return in the summer of 2014. Where do you think the 2nd Mass. will be heading next?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)