What the first Halo 5 image tells us about Master Chief's whereabouts

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Jan 10, 2014, 12:48 PM EST (Updated)

Have you been sad, despondent, irritable and just plain out of sorts since you finished the Xbox 360 game Halo 4, not knowing when the next installment would arrive? There's a prescription for that. It's called Halo 5. Now the first image is online, so you can officially fill those empty, Halo-less feelings with plans for sticky detonators.

The image comes courtesy of Sparth, aka Nicolas Bouvier, the new art director for 343 Industries, who has replaced Kenneth Scott. So what does this picture tell us about the Xbox One game Halo 5?

The first thing it tells us is that the Master Chief is still aboard the Infinity, the ship where he ended up after the painful events of Halo 4

The second thing that it tells us? The area below is a human base, rather than a Covenant shipyard. How do we know it's human and not Covenant?

Because the Infinity would be raining down hellfire had it been a Covenant outpost, that's how.

Although the first image is now available, that doesn't mean 343 Industries has given us a release date. Now that there's evidence that hard work is being done to further the adventures of the Master Chief and the exploits of the Covenant, we should be expecting a release date soon. Our mental healths depend on it.

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