What Google proves you REALLY want to know about 15 sci-fi franchises

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Oct 15, 2013

Every group of geek friends has their own lather, rinse, repeat conversations concerning their favorite franchises. But what is the will of the collective consciousness?

Google's auto-complete feature is a very strange animal, but only insofar as we humans are also weird. For example, have you ever Googled a well-known actress' name and had it auto-complete with the word 'feet'? I'd say look it up for yourself, but maybe just trust me that it happens often and is super weird.

But auto-complete can also give us some insight into what we talk about most on a particular topic. With that in mind, we've googled "Why <sci-fi franchise>" to see how google finished that query. You'll notice a pattern -- there's a lot of "is the best," "is the worst," and, most notably, "was canceled," which turns up most awful of all.

There are a couple surprises in there, too, though, so have a look, and then Google your favorite franchise and tell us if you come up with anything unexpected.

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