What if Game of Thrones was a raunchy (but funny) 8-bit videogame?

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Jul 4, 2015

Game of Thrones is the first book in a sweeping series, as well as a television show worthy of its multiple award nominations. But what if it were a raunchy 8-bit video game, done in the style of the infamously crude Leisure Suit Larry? It would look a lot like this.

In the video "Game of Thrones RPG," some of the less savory events of the story are highlighted with bawdy NSFW humor. Better yet, the menu system points out the ridiculousness of the characters' actions: "Like, seriously?" it asks at the same time that we, the audience, are asking ourselves the same thing.

Best of all, we get to see Tyrion Lannister level up.

It's dense with spoilers. It's so very, very not safe for work. And it's funny as hell.

Check it out:

(via College Humor)

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