What if J.J. Abrams had directed The Empire Strikes Back?

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Jan 31, 2013

A new fan-made trailer shows us The Empire Strikes Back -- as it might have looked through J.J. Abrams' eyes.

With Abrams recently confirmed to direct Star Wars - Episode VII, speculation has already begun over what his vision of George Lucas' universe might look like. Well, one enterprising (whoops) fan named Gavin Chin has gone a step further: He's cut a trailer for Episode V as if that film were actually helmed by Mr. I-Will-Reboot-Every-Sci-Fi-Franchise-Ever-Made.

We won't get too far down into the weeds and just let you Abrams fans out there enjoy it yourselves, but there are a fair amount of J.J.'s trademark lens flares scattered through the clip, some much more portentous music, and an overall feeling of dread and mystery -- although, as Badass Digest points out, we're missing a cryptic hashtag or website address of some kind at the end.

What do you think -- does Mr. Chin nail it? Is that what a J.J. Abrams-directed Empire might have looked like, and what does that mean for Episode VII?

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