What if our greatest horror icons were Disney Princesses?

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Nov 4, 2013

In which an artist attempts to answer that age-old question: If a Disney Princess kills you, is that better ... or worse? 

If you're loking for the weirdest thing you can mash up with the best that cinematic nightmare fuel has to offer, Disney Princesses are an awfully strong contender. Artist Ann Marcellino dared to try and make it work, though, and we would call her efforts a resounding success.

What makes this fun is that Disney, despite its kiddie image, often portrays pretty gruesome deaths for its villains. The princesses, though, always remain relatively pristine and never play a direct role in their nemeses' demise.

Why not change that up? Why shouldn't there be a princess who can invade your nightmares or tear your soul apart? We'd call this a day long coming. So take a look, and tell us what other villains, monsters or even horror heroes deserve the privilege of being a pretty, pretty princess.

(via Ann Marcellino)

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