What secrets do these Game of Thrones set photos reveal?

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Nov 20, 2017, 7:52 PM EST

Spoilers for Game of Thrones seasons 1-7 will abound in this article. If you are not caught up, valar morghulis. 


Everyone still here? Valar Dohaeris. 

Winter has certainly come in the world of Game of Thrones, with the seventh season bringing many storylines to a head and beginning a mad sprint to the finish. Filming on season 8 is already underway, and although it will only contain 6 episodes (!!!), each one is reported to cost around 15 million dollars. That alone promises some epic bang for the Iron Bank buck. 

What might these gloriously expensive (and sure to be action packed) final episodes contain? To put it bluntly, anything and everything. A tweet that appeared today confirms very large sets being built in Belfast: 

The site Watchers on the Wall were the first to report on the tweet, and they point out that the shots seem to indicate city architecture being readied for a battle sequence. There are only so many locations in Westeros that would make sense for this, and assuming Harrenhal isn't going to make a last minute play for relevance in the final season, these photos probably indicate sets for one of the many gates of King's Landing. 

The show has attacked the city before (Season 2's epic "Blackwater"), but the final six episodes would be a fine time to do so again. Cersei Lannister is on the throne and sitting pretty in full mad queen mode, and the psychotic Qyburn whispering into her ear is only making things worse. She must be dealt with, or at least the dwindling forces of good have to at least try to deal with her. She's got both of her brothers against her now, but on the positive side she may have The Golden Company (a giant mercenary army) coming to help her, courtesy of the Iron Bank. We're already tired and scared just thinking about all of it, but we can take solace in the fact that she's still on Arya's list. 

Speaking of Arya, there are also rumors about a possible battle at the Stark family home of Winterfell, based on this tweet: 

As it says, "a hive of activity" has emerged around what is supposed to be the Winterfell set. We know that certain forces (WHITE WALKERS) are finally making their way south, so it would make sense that Winterfell would come under attack (again) sooner rather than later. The Starks enjoyed a bit too much happiness last season (which isn't saying much), so they'll probably have to suffer a bit more before the end. 

As to which battle comes first, who can say? We don't know for sure that there are any battles at all, this is all speculation. That said, if we're just speculating, then let's really speculate! 

Taken with a huge grain wagon train full of salt, let's say that there will be a major battle at both Winterfell and King's Landing. It would make sense for WInterfell to be attacked first, and possible Winter-fall (sorry) to the Night King. This would send all of the Starks (and Stark-Targaryens) south, together, and in a place where all of our heroes might converge on King's Landing. The high walls of the city could protect them against the army of the dead for a little while, but we could also imagine Cersei just locking the gates and letting them all die. 

How might the dragons figure in to all of this? Will there be more incest? Will we ever get Cleganebowl? Right now it's all just thoughts flying on a melted snowflake, so who knows? All we know is that this final epic season needs to get here, and get here faster than Daenerys got all the way beyond the wall from Dragonstone last season. 

Via: Watchers on the Wall


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