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What the cluck? Hereditary star warns against making strange sounds during the movie

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Jan 25, 2021, 3:50 PM EST (Updated)

One of the eeriest things about the newly released horror movie Hereditary is the strange clucking sound made by Charlie (Milly Shapiro), the younger and more emotionally unstable of two children in the tormented Graham family.

Charlie's clucking has been a part of the movie's marketing since the beginning, and remains one of many unsettling devices that writer-director Ari Aster deploys during his genuinely frightening film.

But now it seems audience members have taken to recreating it during showings of the movie, adding another distraction to the talking and texting theater patrons already have to struggle with. So the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain — which has one of the toughest no-talking-or-texting policies in the business — has decided to nip this particular nuisance in the bud, with some help from Charlie herself:

Whether this is a real issue or another piece of brilliant marketing for the movie is a question we'll leave up to you to decide. Hereditary has already polarized audiences with its slow-burn pacing, surreal imagery, and WTF ending, with Milly herself commenting on the diverse reactions the film has received. We'll see if the "no clucking' rule adds fuel to the fire.

Hereditary is out in theaters now and remember, you've been warned: No clucking!

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