What to expect from the first 2 eps of Walking Dead S4 (plus 17 pics)

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Oct 1, 2013, 1:15 PM EDT

We're still a few weeks away from the premiere of The Walking Dead’s fourth season, but now we have some new pics and info that gives us a good inkling of what to expect.

First up, the synopsis for the season premiere sounds like a nice setup for the season, and it seems it’ll mostly focus on establishing the new status quo at the prison — which is now occupied by Woodbury refugees. Much of the year seems to take place at the new-look prison, so it makes sense they’d spend some time reintroducing the world.

But episode two is where it gets interesting. Dubbed “Infected,” it is said to focus on a “brand new enemy.” Hmm, judging by the episode title, it sounds like a dangerous new illness of some sort will be coming to town. What could it be? How will it affect the gang? We don’t know, but we’re dying to find out.

Check out the tantalizing synopses below, along with a boatload of pics from the first two episodes:

“30 Days Without An Accident”: Rick and the group are as close to an ideal life as possible at the prison. Will they be able to hold on to humanity in the face of a new evil?

“Infected”: As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.

The fourth season premieres Oct. 13 on AMC. What do you think is going to happen?

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