What we learned about Hulu's new horror series Freakish at NYCC

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Oct 11, 2016, 9:22 PM EDT (Updated)

If one of the young stars in the cast of Freakish seem familiar to you, you’re not going to find their lengthy resumes on IMDB. You will, however, find them on Vine or Hulu. With one exception, all the actors of Freakish who appeared at New York Comic Con are media superstar influencers with massive followings—even before a single episode has aired.

Actors Melvin Gregg (LeShawn Devereux), Meghan Rienks (Zoe Parker), and Liza Koshy (Violet Adams ) are YouTube sensations, while Hayes Grier (Noodle Nelson) is a successful Viner. Meanwhile, Leo Howard (Grover Jones) came up as a traditional actor, albeit one that plays to his martial arts strength. They appeared together to discuss the upcoming show. Along with the social media gang, veteran genre presence Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Expanse) is also on the cast list.

Freakish, which Howard described as a cross between The Breakfast Club and The Walking Dead, is about a group of students who are trapped in their high school when a nearby chemical plant goes critical. In the first episode, which was screened at NYCC, we saw a disparate collection of teenagers with only one thing in common: They’re scared. And they’re about to become even more frightened as the freaks—people exposed to the contaminated air who suffer serious consequences—begin to reveal themselves. 

As the comparison to The Walking Dead implies, these freaks are going to be hungry for some tasty flesh. 

The half-hour pilot ends just as we met our first freaks, so we don’t much see our protagonists working together to fight them back. But as Rienks said when discussing her character Zoe, “You could see throughout the series how she grows and changes.”

With characters who unfold over 10 episodes, it seems that the freaks aren’t the only ones who reveal themselves.

The full season of Freakish streams on Hulu on October 10.

Check out the first trailer for the series below: