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Jun 26, 2015, 2:23 PM EDT

Here's a list of our hottest stories and your best comments for this week, just in case you missed anything. (Our most-read story? How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. persuaded Nichelle Nichols to remain on the original Star Trek as Lt. Uhura when she'd been thinking of leaving after the first season.) Consider it a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: The 'true story' of how Dr. King kept Uhura on Star Trek

Your best comment: And because of Star Trek and Dr. King: Barack Obama is the first Vulcan President.—melsner

Our story: 10 sci-fi TV shows we wish would get prequels like Caprica

Your best comment: i submit that going forward we consider Lost to be a fantasy island prequel—wetzelcoatl

Our story: Viewers abandon Heroes in droves: Can it be saved?

Your best comment: Where did all the viewers go? We were watching the second night of the 2 hour season premier of 24. I enjoy Heroes but they dont hold a candle to Jack Bauer.—Loki

Our story: Four Star Trek futures you may never get to see

Your best comment: It's unfortunate that these Star Trek novels--and other novels adapted from television shows--draw people away from reading original science fiction novels.

My suggestion to anyone who routinely reads Star Trek novels: make a promise to yourself for every Star Trek novel you read, you're going to read at least THREE original science fiction novels, either something recently published or a novel that's been around for a while.

Sadly, I know far too many young people who call themselves science fiction fans and the only thing they've read are novels adapted from television shows or movies--they've never even picked up a book by Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, Le Guin, Niven or the many other great talents in the field. —zathras

Our story: Could Joss Whedon be planning a new series with FX?

Your best comment: The relationship between Joss Whedon and FOX is an analogy to battered spouse syndrome.—darkwatch1977

Our story: Jason Momoa is Conan! And wait'll you see who might play his dad!

Your best comment: If this movie sucks...Bob Howard will climb out of the grave and kill us all.

And don't think he can't do that...he was friends with HP Lovecraft!—thecursor

Our story: Fox develops U.S. Torchwood: John Barrowman could star

Your best comment: TORCHWOOD on FOX.......that could be a really bad idea, OR TOTALLY BADASS. Fox has a Horrible track record with SCIFI since they canceled Xfiles.

Then again its FOX, home of The Simpsons, Family Guy, 24, House, and FRINGE, THE BEST SCIFI show not on SYFY. FOX is full of radical shows full of omnisexual characters, (so most of them are animated, Frack it)

I kinda like the idea of Torchwood: New Jersey
after 24 or Fringe, that would make for an awesome Tuesday night

And in America, Fox is kinda the only one that could do TORCHWOOD justice. When ya really think about it, how would it translate on ABC, or NBC or god forbid CBS.—madmax

Our story: Avatar has officially made more money than Star Wars!

Your best comment: If Gone With The Wind were released today instead of 1939, it wouldn't be the top box office of all time. Big, but not that big. Released in a day with no TV -not to mention no DVD, TiVo, Cable, on demand, etc.- it continued to be rereleased every few years - 1942, 1949 and so on. Actually was released last year in Poland. Today's movies have a quick run and then they are moved to DVD. It is harder to get people to go see a movie again in a few years when they have it sitting on the shelf in their den, on their ipod, on their phone, and anywhere elese you can think of. The only movie in modern times that has drawn that kind of repeat business over years is Star Wars and it wasn't really the same movie. The rerelease was a major budget, major differences, new version. It should count as two movies.— Nick

Our story: Michael Bay: Transformers 3 will focus on character. Right

Your best comment: In a related news item, The Royal Shakespear Company have just announced that McG will be its new artistic director and that Tori Spelling will be playing Lady Macbeth in a new production. McG has apparently already cast Britney Spears as Ophelia in a new production of "Hamlet" due to her proven ability to do "mad scenes" and further states that Ophelia *so* would have flashed her junk to the paparazzi had she lived in more liberal times.—Melora

Our story: Why Green Lantern won't be a cheesefest; plus, the villain!

Your best comment: I think people need to get over Nathan Fillion not being cast as Hal.Yes i think he would be great.but Ryan Reynolds is a bigger name.and the proposal was a big the the suits are thinking a name who will put butts in seats.maybe they should release Ryan's screen test.and maybe people will change there minds. Everybody thought WTF when they cast Heath Ledger as the joker.and he won an Oscar—hermy

Our story: Everything you need to know about every sci-fi TV series this week

Your best comment: I see the new strategy for Heroes: Rather than crafting a good show, each week the teaser for the next episode will feature Claire kissing someone new, until she's kissed everyone on the show. Then they'll branch out and have her kiss people on other NBC shows. Hey, I think I just came up with a way for NBC to boost Leno's ratings...—Roger Workman

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