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This is what would happen if two black holes collided in the middle of the Milky Way

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Nov 5, 2014

Have you ever wondered what it’d look like if two black holes collided in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy? It's this, and it’s kind of weird.

This intriguing simulation was cooked up by the Simulating Extreme Spacetimes (SXS) project, which modeled how two black holes would behave if they began to approach each other within our galaxy. It looks kind of like a lava lamp tripping out and twisting the light, and it’s extremely cool.

As Popular Science notes, following an interview with one of the physicists involved in the project:

Black holes bend spacetime, sending ripples through the universal fabric. When two get close, they lurch toward one another at substantial fractions of lightspeed, warping spacetime to tatters in the process. The effect looks a bit like what you'd see if you bounced a starscape off a wobbling fun house mirror. Whenever scientists tried to model it, physicist Matthew Duez tells Popular Science, "their equations blew up in their faces."

Check out the brief, trippy animation below and let us know what you think:

(Via Popular Science)

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