What would you do?

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Dec 21, 2008

[Update: Before I posted this, I read Laurie's post. Twice. And yet, somehow, I missed that this preschool was at a Lutheran church. Because of this, I withdraw my comment. When you put your kid in a religious place, then you have to expect they'll get religion during the day unless otherwise told it won't be so.]

Laurie T. at Rational Moms has a problem: her son's preschool teacher is injecting religion into her son's day. Laurie obviously has a problem with this. However, it's not a public school, so it's not technically illegal. She's unsure what to do, and is asking for ideas.

I posted my own idea in her comments (I was first. I'm never first. That was cool). Why not go over there and check out the details, and leave her a thoughtful reply? There are probably resolutions to this no one else has thought of yet, and a good conversation may yield some workable results.

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