Fortnite - Meteor, Season 4

What you should know about Fortnite's meteor and Season 4

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May 6, 2018, 12:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Who doesn't love a good mystery? Not Fortnite players, that's for sure. 

For the last month or so, players in Fortnite: Battle Royale have been puzzled over one singular event in the game: a meteor. It all began innocently enough. One day, an enormous meteor appeared in the sky, gleaming and bright and full of majesty. No one paid it much mind, until it started to make people curious. What did it mean? Why was it there? And what was it doing there unannounced, without even so much as acknowledgment from developer Epic Games? 

These questions led to a full-scale investigation within the confines of Fortnite and its free-to-play Battle Royale mode, which has become something of a household name over the last year. The meteor and the mysteries within the game were something that plagued those looking for answers for the entire month, until now. As of May 1, all the mystery has faded, and Fortnite: Battle Royale has introduced the mythical Season 4 content. 

Fortnite - Meteor In Sky

But what about the meteor that appeared? What happened with all that? Here it is, in a nutshell, so you can get up to speed before attempting to chat about all this with more gaming-savvy friends. Originally, the meteor in Fortnite appeared over a section of the game known as Tilted Towers. It was a bit of a controversial area in the game, with plenty of sniper's nests and buildings several stories tall. Because of its somewhat reviled status among some players, many thought the meteor appearing over it was a sign that something was about to happen. Obviously, it made sense that the meteor was going to crash into it... eventually.

Except that didn't end up happening. The meteor came closer and closer, and eventually players started seeing pieces of it raining down onto the map. Epic Games got in on the fun too, with tweets that referenced the bizarre happenings and nods at player theories found all over the place online—ranging from a possible oncoming alien threat in-game or wacky, bizarro theories that the entire thing was based on a classic game from years ago. Folks went absolutely nutso, guys—and for good reason, because these meteors were starting to fall, and that meant things were getting real. 

Finally, a few days ago, before April came to an end, Epic Games posted some eerie messages to the Fortnite Twitter account, stating that an impact was "imminent," and players continued to see meteor fragments hitting the map in-game. The ruse finally came to an end on May 1 as Epic Games took the whole thing down for maintenance, which led to the grand finale of one of the finest mysteries and self-made hype machines we've seen in some time in gaming. 

But now, at long last, Season 4 has been revealed, and with it an answer to the mysteries fans were so curious about. The massive meteor has crashed, and it's made significant changes to the map, transforming things in a big way. It didn't, however, end up hitting Tilted Towers. Instead, it decimated the Dusty Depot location, turning it into a new area known as Dusty Divot, complete with a crater as a result of the impact. Also, every area where pieces of the meteor hit is now rife with glowing rocks that create low-gravity conditions for players who touch them. All of these weird and totally awesome changes are the result of this perfect storm of hype and anticipation, with more to come over the next few weeks. 

There's an abundance of new challenges, outfits, sprays, emotes, and more—and to think, all of these very normal, very regular parts of Fortnite began as a mystery that players were foaming at the mouth to solve. It speaks to the strong brand power of Fortnite to get players' minds churning like this until it was far too much for them to be able to take. Now that Season 4 is here and the questions seem to have subsided for now, however, we've got to wonder how Epic Games can top this next. Where can the series go from here? One thing's for sure: No matter what happens, we know where fans will be going if a new enigma is uncovered. They're gonna go crazy

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