What Alien Raiders star Carlos Bernard hates about the sci-fi thriller

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Carlos Bernard (Fox's 24) told SCI IF Wire that he loves everything about his new straight-to-DVD sci-fi movie Alien Raiders—everything, that is, except the title.

"It was called Supermarket when we shot it," Bernard said Tuesday in an exclusive interview. "I think in a way [the title] kind of ruins the movie," he added. "It gives it away, certainly."

In the film, which is now in stores, Bernard plays Aaron Ritter, who leads a team of rogue scientists into a supermarket to search for an infected individual in what first appears to be a terrorist situation. The fan-favorite movie won top awards at Shriekfest, Shockerfest and the Freak Show Horror Festival last year.

Title aside, the end result is impressive, especially considering the project's meager budget and tight 15-day shooting schedule. "It turned out pretty well," Bernard said. "I was pretty pleased with the work that [director] Ben [Rock] did."

"What attracted me to this movie was the script and the way Aaron Ritter was constructed and [his] backstory," Bernard added. "When I met with Ben and Dan Myrick [co-director of The Blair Witch Project] and talked about how they wanted to execute it, I was up for it."

Scheduling a movie on top of the intense demands of his 24 shooting schedule has been a tricky task for the actor, who admits that part of the appeal of Alien Raiders was that the timing worked out so well. "This has been the first one I've really been able to squeeze in, and it was only because of the writers' strike. We started shooting this literally two days after we had to shut down 24 because we'd run out of scripts. The timing just worked out well."

The title changed in part because Warner Brothers has hopes of turning the movie into a franchise. Bernard says his involvement would largely depend on his availability, but he'd definitely be open to a sequel/prequel if it worked out. "There was talk of doing a prequel to it, so I don't know what they had in mind, but if they did want me to do it, it would just purely depend on the script and how they did it," he said.