What are the 10 most valuable comics in the world?

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember that copy of Action #1 that went for a cool $1 million earlier this week, making it the most valuable comic in the world? That got us to thinking—if the first appearance of Superman is #1, what other comics would make up the top 10?

Luckily, The Telegraph was also curious, and rounded up info on the world's 10 most valuable comics ... well, if they could be found in mint condition, that is.

Here's what they came up with:

1) Action Comics No. 1 - $1,390,000 2) Detective Comics No. 27 - $1,380,000 3) Superman No. 1 - $671,000 4) All-American Comics No. 16 - $430,000 5) Detective Comics No. 1 - $405,000 6) Marvel Comics No. 1 - $367,000 7) Batman No. 1 - $359,000 8) More Fun Comics No. 52 - $316,000 9) Flash Comics No. 1 - $289,000 10) Amazing FantasyNo. 15 - $280,000

But considering that, for example, only 100 copies or so of Action Comics #1 have survived, with only two of those graded Very Fine or better, it might be that mint copies of many of these titles will never be found.

Since it's unlikely most of us will ever have a spare $5,887,000, though, I guess that's the least of our worries!

Visit The Telegraph for more info and a complete illustrated gallery.

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